Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy can be a diagnostic tool or a therapeutic tool. Most knee diagnoses are evident on an MRI scan without the need for arthroscopy, but not all. Many disorders such as a degenerate meniscal tear, will settle with analgesia and a steroid injection. Those that persist may benefit from an arthroscopic debridement to trim the torn cartilage- taking away the source of the pain.

Knee surgeons today are far more conservative about the meniscus than they used to be. The meniscus serves an important shock-absorber function within the knee and it is important to retain as much of the meniscus as possible during debridement.

Mr McKenna performs knee arthroscopy as a day case. Most patient will be using crutches for a day or two. Most patients will return to work after 72 hours.

Mr McKenna does not perform ligament reconstruction surgery (ACL/PCL/MPFL) or treat patella maltracking disorders. He works closely with some very talented Sports-Knee surgeons whom he would recommend.

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